You can afford a 2 carat engagement ring

BDGS_00173Zirconique is the best place to buy gifts for your family, friends, and yourself. Who doesn’t love diamonds, but honestly, how can anyone afford them these days? My little secret is Zirconique. This amazing online jewelry store has an incredible inventory of CZ Cubic Zirconia baubles that look better than the real thing. Every piece is handmade in the USA, and simply stunning.

When my girlfriend told me that she and her boyfriend were getting married, I was thrilled. Jess told me that she wanted a large solitaire diamond ring, but there was no way that she and Bob could afford it. She said that she was going to settle for a plain ring with a tiny chip, until I told her about Cubic Zirconia Cubic Zirconia.

We got together one afternoon and started browsing through dozens of solitaire CZ Cubic Zirconia engagement rings. Like most girls, she had a tough time choosing just one. The first one that she liked was gorgeous. It had a total weight of 2.40 and was a three stone Asscher solitaire with a baguette on each side of the center stone. Gorgeous and you cannot beat the price.

Jess had almost made up her mind, until she saw the stunning Marquise cut 2.00 Carat Center beauty. This ring had her name all over it. I thought she was going to cry when she showed it to Bob. Seriously, this ring looks better than a diamond, and would probably be the same price as a new car if it were. She and Bob decided on platinum and found a matching 1.00-Carat platinum band with round and baguette Cubic Zirconia stones.

I am so glad that I could help my best friend. Her engagement ring looks beautiful on her finger, and I cannot wait to see the two of them walk down the aisle.