I am in love with my cz engagement ring!


Who doesn’t love Cubic Zirconia? Cubic Zirconia jewelry is simply stunning. Unless you are an expert, you will not be able to tell the difference between a diamond, and cz jewelry.

My fiancé and I had been looking for an engagement ring for months. We didn’t want to spend a fortune on a diamond because we are paying for the wedding ourselves. We are on a tight budget, but want to share our special day with our family and friends. We are also saving for a house, and even though our new home is our first priority, I really didn’t want a tiny chip for an engagement ring, but quite frankly that is all we could afford with our budget.

A friend or ours told us about an online Cubic Zirconia jewelry store. We were a bit dubious as first, I mean seriously, who buys their engagement ring online, but we were convinced when we saw the ring that our friend ordered for his fiancé. I was amazed. I seriously thought it was a diamond engagement ring. Seeing is believing, and we were convinced. We signed up for the site right away and started browsing.

I could not believe the selection of Cubic Zirconia engagement rings that Zirconique has on their website. Dozens of engagement rings and engagement ring sets to choose from. The choice was really difficult, but we finally decided on a beautiful cz engagement ring set in white gold. It has a 1.75 total carat weight and is a princess cut. The engagement ring does not sit too high and sits nicely in the wedding band that has a band of cubic zirconia stones along the front. I cannot wait for this to arrive. It is truly stunning. Best of all, my fiancé did not have to spend a fortune.

Nothing says I love you more than a cz eternity ring


Zirconique is your one stop shop when it comes to elegant jewelry. Every piece is made by hand in the USA, and is simply stunning.

Nothing says I love you more than a band to signify how much your partner means to you. Eternity rings date back to 2800 BC when ancient Egyptians exchanged rings believing that the circular shape symbolized ever-lasting love. An eternity ring is worn on the left hand, and is comprised of precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum. An Eternity ring is usually set with a continuous line of gemstones that are identically cut the eternity ring symbolizes never-ending love, and is normally given from husbands to wives to signify a special anniversary.

Zirconique is the only online retail store that carries a wide variety of CZ Cubic Zirconia Eternity rings in 14 or 18k yellow or white gold, or platinum. The shine of the Cubic Zirconia stones available from cz engagement, is brilliant, and will last a lifetime. Each Eternity ring can be set in different stone colors, or made to look better than a diamond.

The CZ Cubic Zirconia Eternity band is a beautiful marquise cut that will truly impress the love of your life. With a total weight of 2.00 Carats, it is available in platinum, white of yellow gold.

Pink sapphires are simply stunning and elegant, and if you want to celebrate a significant anniversary, give your wife a 3.00-carat Eternity ring that symbolizes everlasting love. Set with alternating pink and white round Cubic Zirconia stones, it is the perfect way to celebrate your life together as man and wife.

Choose the most popular CZ Cubic Zirconia Eternity band, which features three rows of round CZ stones in a prong setting. Weighing 8 carats your wife will fall in love with you all over again.

You can afford a 2 carat engagement ring

BDGS_00173Zirconique is the best place to buy gifts for your family, friends, and yourself. Who doesn’t love diamonds, but honestly, how can anyone afford them these days? My little secret is Zirconique. This amazing online jewelry store has an incredible inventory of CZ Cubic Zirconia baubles that look better than the real thing. Every piece is handmade in the USA, and simply stunning.

When my girlfriend told me that she and her boyfriend were getting married, I was thrilled. Jess told me that she wanted a large solitaire diamond ring, but there was no way that she and Bob could afford it. She said that she was going to settle for a plain ring with a tiny chip, until I told her about Cubic Zirconia Cubic Zirconia.

We got together one afternoon and started browsing through dozens of solitaire CZ Cubic Zirconia engagement rings. Like most girls, she had a tough time choosing just one. The first one that she liked was gorgeous. It had a total weight of 2.40 and was a three stone Asscher solitaire with a baguette on each side of the center stone. Gorgeous and you cannot beat the price.

Jess had almost made up her mind, until she saw the stunning Marquise cut 2.00 Carat Center beauty. This ring had her name all over it. I thought she was going to cry when she showed it to Bob. Seriously, this ring looks better than a diamond, and would probably be the same price as a new car if it were. She and Bob decided on platinum and found a matching 1.00-Carat platinum band with round and baguette Cubic Zirconia stones.

I am so glad that I could help my best friend. Her engagement ring looks beautiful on her finger, and I cannot wait to see the two of them walk down the aisle.

Feel Like A Princess With A CZ Engagement Ring Set

C2_5-2713554 (2)Zirconique has made plenty of girl’s dreams come true with their stunning range of engagement sets and wedding rings for men and women. Choose from a gorgeous range of Round, Square, Marquis, Emerald, Heart, Oval, Asscher, Cushion, Princess, Radiant or Pear shaped stone, or opt for a cluster of bright and shiny CZ Cubic Zirconia ring. Every piece of jewelry is beautiful and very affordable.

Zirconique is the only online jewelry store that carries the best CZ Cubic Zirconia set in exquisite high quality metal. You can custom design your piece with 14k white or yellow gold, or choose a diamond engagement ring set in platinum. A lower price tag does not mean lower quality when you shop at Cubic Zirconia Cubic Zirconia.

CZ Cubic Zirconia is a very durable stone and will last a lifetime and beyond. You will feel confident knowing that the engagement set you choose can be passed down from generation to generation.

Splurge on a gorgeous Khloe Kardashian engagement set that features a 4.00 or more carat cushion cut center stone. The round prong will set off your beautiful Cubic Zirconia stone while the 1.00-carat side stones will really make it shine. Choose a highly polished setting in 14k or 18k yellow or white gold, or go for platinum.

Pink and yellow diamonds are the most expensive in the world, but you can buy a Cubic Zirconia Cubic Zirconia Pink Sapphire engagement set that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

You will feel like royalty with the Princess cut Chanel Cubic Zirconia Engagement ring set. Of course if you like the setting, but would like to custom design your own set, choose any cut or color that you like and walk down the aisle in the ring of your dreams.